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本站会另觅新址,继续为各位The Divine Comedy乐迷带来文图影音等资讯。



本站会另觅新址,继续为各位The Divine Comedy乐迷带来文图影音等资讯。

The Divine Comedy HQ发表声明,证实骚乱把Neil自己创办的独立厂牌Divine Comedy Records的所有唱片存货付之一炬。负责Divine Comedy Records唱片销售的PIAS在Sony仓库大火中不能幸免,Neil也确实没有了自己厂牌下的所有存货。值得庆幸的是,位于伦敦北部的DCHQ(TDC总部)尚且安全,据说里面有很多旧资料。

The Sony Warehouse Fire

Destroyed stock.

We are saddened that the Sony warehouse which contained PIAS stock was destroyed by a fire during the London riots.

Neil’s own label Divine Comedy Records is distributed by PIAS and he will almost certainly have lost all DCR stock in the fire.

We at DCR are safe but our hearts go out to everyone affected by the riots. Many people will have lost far more than us in the looting and rioting.

Stay safe,

欢迎来到新建成的The Divine Comedy中文站!

这里讲的并不是但丁的名著,而是北爱尔兰歌手Neil Hannon的一人乐队The Divine Comedy。


Neil Hannon prepares for a Vampire Weekend

Neil Hannon all Set to take centre stage

Delighted to have announced yesterday on behalf of our client, Jack Daniel’s, that The JD Set has a brand spanking new format. The JD Set 2011 will feature critically acclaimed singer songwriter, Neil Hannon who will collaborate with Cathy Davey and Jape in a unique project which will see them perform their own version of Vampire Weekend’s debut album, Vampire Weekend at an exclusive free gig in The Button Factory on Friday 1 st April.

All Set for a Vampire Weekend

As we know, Jape is a former winner of the Choice Prize, while Cathy Davey has just received her second Choice Prize nomination. Both will bring their own distinctive style and talent to the project which will culminate in a free one-off live performance of Vampire Weekend’s successful debut.

Are we excited about it all? You betcha! Tickets for The JD Set performance at The Button Factory are free and will be available via registration from 1st February here. Get there on time to avoid disappointment.

And why did Neil Hannon choose Vampire Weekend’s eponymous first album? In his own words, Neil said,

“I’m so pleased to have been given the opportunity by the JD Set folks to rework one of my all-time favourite records, the debut and eponymously titled album by Vampire Weekend. The reason I’ve chosen it is because stylistically, it’s an ingenious marriage of indie pop, African rhythm and classical harmony. Musically, it’s a collection of beautifully honed melodies and taut, perfectly structured chord progressions. Lyrically it’s all witty, occasionally barbed snap-shots of Ivy League colleges and Long Island lawns, regularly veering off on idiosyncratic tangents. But mostly it’s because it kicks ass and makes me happy!”

So, what will be play first?